Aladdin – The return of the Trimley SAINTS Pantomime. (Oh yes, it was!)



The five day run of Trimley SAINTS New Pantomime production of Aladdin has now finished. To see it you would definitely have to look behind you but many of us were delighted by the return of the popular SAINTS’ Pantomime production. This year it was: Aladdin, a Panto by TLC Creative.


It’s been a long haul after COVID brought about the curtailment of this highly popular event in 2020. Audiences have waited four long seasons to see the SAINTS cast back in full swing but this February the event re-started, much to the delight of the local population.


On Saturday 25th February the cold winter weather was forgotten as a lively audience settled down to see the final production for this season. The stage came alive with the vigorous and joyful activities of the talented actors. Their ability to deliver all the pantomime tricks and jokes was a delight to watch. Widow Twanky was played by Chris Fryer with all the pace and vivacity regular panto attendees are accustomed to see from this beautiful Dame. Wishy Washy proved a true delight as he ad libbed and engaged with the spirited younger members of the audience. Aladdin, dastardly Abanazar the Princess, Emperor, and the magical Genii and Spirit of the lamp were played with aplomb and ably supported by an excellent Chorus. Di Seaman, the highly experienced Director delivered a polished production supported by the spirited choreography of Fee McMartin and new Musical Director, Alfie Lack. (Let’s give a shout out to Alfie and his talented band.)  The script was full of groan worthy jokes delivered with knowing panache.


All in all, Trimley SAINTS delivered a zesty Panto, exactly as the audience had ordered!



If you missed this production, look out for:

The Ladykillers by Graham Linehan. June 21st – 24th 2023

Booking Office Details: 01394 285113

(Photos courtesy: Susan Simmons)




If you have any comments or would like to be part of this Trimley St. Martin project, please contact me at:

LR  01/03/2023

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