One enormous smile


Trimley St. Mary Parish Council and the Community Jubilee Family Fun Day

5th June 2022

As part of the Jubilee celebrations, Trimley St. Mary Parish Council exuberantly flourished the  festive flags.  The Family Fun Day location was moved to the Welcome Hall and Trimley St. Martin’s Church to avoid the threat of bad weather. As it fell out, the ominous skies didn’t diminish the enthusiasm of St. Mary’s inhabitants who turned out in their hundreds to celebrate with verve and zest.

Currently the post of Village Recorder in Trimley St. Mary is vacant but it would be disappointing not to record our neighbour’s excellent event which resulted in one enormous smile from St. Martin’s Church to The Welcome Hall. And here it is

No names, no pack drill. (I blame the photographer for the anonymous nature of these images.) And not one of Lynn Beal the major architect of the event, alas. She moved too quickly to be digitally captured.

Were you there? If so let me know and I’ll add your name to this short article.





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