Arts and Crafts Fair

IMG_2393  26th October 2019

10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

Autumn comes to Trimley

More than fifty five years ago, when I first landed in Trimley, one of my personal highlights for the autumn season was a Bazaar-like occasion held in the Memorial Hall. I can’t now recall who organised the event, although suspect it was the Women’s Institute, nor can I remember exactly what it was called but I do recall the pleasure of the hour. It was a mixture of glorious home-made items ranging from jams, pickles and preserves to handicrafts and bric-a-brac. The afternoon the doors opened to the money bearing public was one of simple pleasure and happy memories. My disposable income was perhaps my 2/-  pocket money[i]  but I always managed to find something to purchase, allowing the adults to purchase the costlier and more prestigious items.   It was within easy walking distance from home, something which added to its attraction; Christmas shopping was rarely simpler in those pre-internet days.

That was then and it is now 2019. I’m not certain an equivalent emporium comes to Trimley St. Martin in quite the same way. However, this year there will be an Arts and Crafts Fair at the Memorial Hall and the goods for sale promise to be wide-ranging and slightly more sophisticated than earlier decades. When the signs started to go up, I made a note in my diary to ensure I didn’t forget and also made a mental note to discover the Fair’s origins.

I asked Yvonne Smart, who is Chair of the Parish Council and also a member of the Memorial Hall Committee, how did this come about? The answer goes back to Trimley St. Martin’s Community Day held on 6th July 2019. Quite a few people who attended expressed interest in an Arts and Craft event, not least because of the number of talented people who live locally. Yvonne presented the idea to the Memorial Hall Committee as a community event rather than a fund raiser. The motion was approved and the result was – game on.


 Trimley St. Martin Community Day, 6th July 2019

Stall holders pay a small amount for their space and there will be fifteen stalls offering a diverse range of items.  This is an opportunity for all those who enjoy arts and craft activities to display their products as well as providing the public with an opportunity to purchase.  Makers love creating their crafts but may be thwarted when sharing their work, other than at Mrs. I’s which assuredly provides fantastic options for crafters. All of the exhibitors are local, coming from the Trimley and Felixstowe peninsula.

This weekend’s Fair will cover paintings in acrylics, water colours and oils. The crafts on offer will include: jewellery; ceramics; felting; textile work; Christmas decorations; Folk Art cards and much more.  All the products are of high quality and each item will represent hours of work, far more than is reflected in the price.  Refreshments will be available, including cake. Yvonne hopes the occasion will be a welcome break from the mundane and in many ways the Fair is more than just an Arts and Crafts affair as it creates a social coming together not easily achieved in contemporary society.

The truly dedicated purchaser also has an opportunity to visit Kirton’s Craft Fair which is being held on the same day. Different places, different crafts; many opportunities. For those visiting Trimley St. Martin’s Fair, there will be free parking at the Memorial Hall and free admission to the proceedings. A great way to spend a Half Term Saturday for customers with just £1 pocket money and  equally so for those who have deeper pockets. Not to be missed!

IMG_2395 2.jpeg


If you have any comments or would like to be part of this Trimley St. Martin project, please contact me at:

LR  22/10/2019

[i] 2/- or two shillings converts to 10p. You received more for your money in 1964.

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